New Faculty Mentoring Info, Request Form and IDPs

New Faculty Mentoring Initiative

In this program, junior faculty members are matched with senior colleagues who are outside the junior faculty members’ home units. This program is supplemental to mentoring within a discipline or program and is not a replacement for that mentoring. In particular, the program assists untenured faculty members to become socialized to the college and university and to become aware of opportunities and resources. It integrates untenured faculty into the existing college structure through socialization to its norms and expectations. Finally, through the expanded interconnections of college faculty, the intellectual community is enhanced. Participation is voluntary, but strongly encouraged.

Click here for a New Faculty Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Becoming a Mentor or Mentee

Faculty who are interested in becoming mentors may submit an email indicating that interest to

Faculty who are interested in requesting a mentor may complete and submit the online New Faculty Mentor Request Form through September 1, 2024 or January 20, 2025 for spring hires. The initiating step for this program — and its only required element — is a mentoring workshop for both mentors and mentees, to help faculty members consider their responsibilities.

Mentor-Mentee Contract

Mentor-Mentee Contract

Mentor and Mentee Training

Each year CAFS conducts mentor and mentee training, which new faculty mentees and their mentors are expected to complete. Participants are provided with an overview of expectations, responsibilities and best practices, to help the mentoring partnerships succeed. Training is offered via Canvas. Each mentor and each mentee needs to complete the training and do the quiz.