UNC CHARLOTTE-SPECIFIC Resources for Administrators

Checklist for Chairs Upon Hiring a New Faculty Member

  • Encourage New Faculty to sign up for a Mentor on the ADVANCE FADO website. Mentees in ADVANCE FADO Mentor Program are intentionally placed with mentors outside of their units. This programming is not meant to replace new faculty mentors within the new faculty’s own unit, but is designed to provide the opportunity for new faculty to meet with faculty from around campus, and to hear different perspectives.
  • Make sure new faculty sign up for New Faculty Learning Community. This semester-long series of short workshop introduces new faculty to people and respources at Charlotte that can help them be successful in their first few years here. It also is designed to provide new faculty the opportunity to build community with their peers
  • Chair Duties for New Faculty – what you should be doing for your new hires
  • Checklist of items you should be doing for new faculty hires
  • That New Hire Needs Your Help
  • How To Help New Hires

Faculty Procedures, Policies and Regulations Including RPT

Important Information for Department/Unit Review Committees and College Review Committees

Powerpoint used in Best Practices in Holistic Faculty Review Workshop, presented by: Yvette Huet – ADVANCE Faculty Affairs and Diversity Office; Sarah Edwards – Associate Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs and Deputy General Counsel and Holly Middleton – Associate Director of Engaged Scholarship

References Related to Bias in Evaluations

Faculty Illness: Academic Procedure

Every year, some faculty experience illness severe enough to keep them out of the classroom for at least a few days.  On these occasions, faculty notify their students and department chairs and adjust assignments as needed.  If the illness is prolonged, it is the responsibility of the department chair to identify a qualified substitute instructor to assume responsibility for the class(es).  

Family and Medical Leave FMLA

  • FMLA should be applied for when an absence lasts longer than 3 days due to illness or other medical conditions. This protects the employee and the employer to comply with the law. If there is a planned absence such as maternity or a surgery, FMLA can be applied for up to 30 days in advance. Click here to learn more
  • Family and Medical Leave for Nine-Month Faculty: University Policy 102.6
  • This policy addresses how faculty with academic year (9-month) appointments with qualifying conditions are covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • PIM 09: Family and Medical Leave

Procedures for Resolving Faculty Grievances (arising under Section 607(3) of The Code of The University of North Carolina)

  • Click here for more information