Resources for Administrators

New Administrator Booklet The Booklet is filled with useful Resources to help you in your new position at UNC Charlotte.

The links below are designed to make some policies, procedures often utilized by administrators readily available

Please check out these leadership resources, which were compiled by Towards Hiring, Resources, Inclusion, Value and Excellence (THRIVE) at East Carolina University. In 2020, East Carolina University was awarded a nearly $1M grant (HRD- 2017210) from the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program, and from this award, the THRIVE initiative was developed.

Equity and Inclusion Leadership Toolkit: Leadership Development

The department chair’s role is challenging. Time is short. The task list is long. And people aren’t always nice. But by investing in yourself – both your professional development and self-care – you will be better able to serve others. Here are resources to help you THRIVE.

Equity and Inclusion Leadership Toolkit: Improving Communication and Climate

As asserted by Buller and Cipriano (2015), good communication skills are among the most important for a chair. This is not just because chairs are intermediaries of the deans and other more senior academic leaders, they also have a role in listening to and trying to understand the perspectives of faculty, students, and staff. Poor communication habits facilitate suspicion. But healthy communication practices engender trust and are foundational for achieving a welcoming and inclusive work environment.

COVID-19-Related Resources