UNC Charlotte ADVANCE partners with The Council on University Community, The Office of Academic Budget and Personnel, Human Resources and The Office of Legal Affairs to lead Best Practices for Inclusive Faculty Recruitment Training. These workshops are designed to help members of search committees share best practices to use in their searches, taking into consideration diversity strategies, so departments can conduct fair, inclusive, and effective searches, consistent with university and department goals.

In a survey of attendees of the face-to-face session, 84% who responded said they became more aware of potential bias in the search process.

Inclusive Recruitment Training is a two part process, and is required of all members of faculty and AA administrator search committees:

The first part is an on-line session in Canvas, which covers forms, processes and other details. Search committee members will complete this on-line session each academic year they serve on a search committee. Search committee members can complete this session at their own pace, at a time they choose. There is a short quiz after the session, which search committee members must take and receive a score of at least 70% before they have completed the on-line section of the training.

New content has been added to the on-line training module, which is available on Canvas

The second part is the Face-to-Face Workshop, which search committee members are required to have completed within the past five years PRIOR to their service on a search committee.