ADVANCE Chair Development Programming plus Additional Useful Resources for Chairs and Administrators


Please check back for Fall 2023 Workshops. UNC Charlotte ADVANCE FADO conducts department chairs sessions, in which more senior and more junior department chairs meet to share ideas and strategies.

Please note that in Spring 2017 a New Faculty Checklist was provided to Chairs at the Provost’s meeting with Chairs. An updated version of that checklist can be found here.

In addition, the Provost previously shared the “Chair Duties for Hires” article which can be found here.

An interesting article: How to Chair a University Department and Not Be Terrible At It

Click here to access the article, How Healthy is your Academic Department, which introduces a resource called the Academic Unit Diagnostic Tool, or AUDiT. The AUDiT resource (snapshot here) uses a green, yellow and red color scheme to depict the early warning signs for how good academic units can decline or, conversely, how to identify and prioritize the problems of a challenged department as part of an effort to improve it

Click here to access the article Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Excellence, which utilizes the AUDIT tool


The informational session entitled, “What you need to know about FMLA and other reasons to stop the tenure clock” was hosted by ADVANCE. Click here to download the information that was discussed.

Previously, workshops on Communication have been presented to Chairs. Click here to download a copy of the powerpoint.

Useful UNC Charlotte – Specific Resources for Chairs and Administrators at UNC Charlotte

Coaching: The Kardia group understands that working in academia is a “meta-profession” requiring skills and expertise across a wide array of roles – with very little training along the way. Coaching helps navigate these multiple demands, customized to individuals, situations, and institutions. We make smart people smarter in all the roles associated with the intellectual endeavor. Learn more about coaching services, our coaching FAQ, or short coaching.

Dealing With Dysfunctional Academic Departments, an article from Inside Higher Ed

To Chair or Not to Chair?

Becoming a Department Chair: To Be or Not to Be – if you are on this page, it may be too late for you, but an interesting read nevertheless

Conflict Management: a number of useful resources out of The University of Iowa

Email and Conflict: Tips and Resources

Enhancing Departmental Climate: A Guide for Department Chairs

Communication Skills for Chairs

Recognizing Gender Bias in Letters of Recommendation

Enhancing Departmental Climate – A Chair’s Role

Successful Strategies to Enhance Departmental Climate From the ADVANCE Program at Virginia Tech

Useful Resources for Chairs: A copy of a Bibliography and Resources for Chairs Prepared for UNC System Department Chairs Workshop, Friday Center, Chapel Hill, 26 & 27 January, 2012. Presented by Nancy Gutierrez (UNCC), Timothy Johnston (UNCG), and Alan White (ECU)

Some Additional Book Suggestions for Chairs

  • Academic Leadership: A Practical Guide to Chairing the Department by Deryl R. Learning
  • The Academic Chair’s Handbook by Daniel W. Wheeler, et al.
  • The Department Chair Primer by Don Chu
  • The Essential Department Chair: A Comprehensive Desk Reference by Jeffrey L. Buller
  • Reframing Academic Leadership by Lee G. Bolman and Joan V. Gallos
  • A Toolkit for Department Chairs by Jeffrey L. Buller and Robert E. Cipriano


* The Academic Chairpersons Conference is an annual forum where academic chairpersons, administrators and faculty from all areas of higher education share the most successful, innovative ideas and strategies to assist each other in becoming more effective in their positions.

* The ACE Leadership Academy for Department Chairs is a 2-day workshop that prepares department chairs for their roles as institutional leaders who can advance their programs and contribute to the larger mission of their colleges or universities.