Resources for Y2LC

  • Strategic Planning for the Summer and Beyond: The goal of this powerpoint presentation is to provide you with some strategies to help you use your time wisely over the summer, so that you hit the ground running as you begin your second year here at UNC Charlotte
  • If you were not able to attend the December 2018 Y2LC Workshop on Reappointment that featured Kendra Jason and Annelise Mennicke, you can access the video of the entire workshop here
  • If you were not able to attend the Spring 2019 Y2LC Workshop on Mentoring Undergraduate and Graduate Students faciliatated by Drs. Malin Pereira and Katherine Hall-Hertel, you can access the entire workshop here



Please note that each college has its own set of RPT guidelines – be sure to check on your OWN college website to access the guidelines for your particular college.