UNC Charlotte Diversity Score Cards for Each College and UNC Charlotte as a Whole

Using data from The COACHE Faculty Satisfaction Survey, the ADVANCE Evaluation Team and Project Director designed an institutional scorecard and college scorecards to indicate progress towards diversity goals. The institutional scorecard was presented to the Chancellor, Provost and the College Deans, each of whom also received their college’s specific scorecard.

Scorecards presented faculty demographics such as gender, ethnicity, and rank compositions by college, and faculty climate perceptions. The use of these scorecards has been institutionalized underlying the value the institution places on these diversity tools. Scorecards will be generated to showcase internal climate survey results each time a climate survey is conducted. The most recent climate survey was administered in 2021 by The Collaboration on Academic Career in Higher Education at the Havard School of Education Climate Survey (COACHE). In addition to evaluating faculty perceptions of climate at UNC Charlotte, the COACHE data also allows faculty to compare measures of faculty climate satisfaction at their institution with a number of peer institutions.

Since 2010, Scorecards for UNC Charlotte as a whole, and for each College have been compiled using UNC Charlotte Institutional Research Data and data collected by COACHE in years where the COACHE Survey was deployed.

In non-COACHE Survey Years, Diversity Scorecards have been complied using data from Institutional Research.

Scorecards depict the University as a whole and each College’s Faculty and Student Diversity by Rank and Race and Sex.


2019 Diversity SCORECARDS:


2015 Diversity Scorecards:

2013 Diversity Scorecards: