The quality of an academic institution depends heavily on its faculty. As teachers, scholars, participants in shared governance and the purveyors of institutional culture and history, faculty are at the heart of the best work being done in higher education today. Not surprisingly, supporting faculty in all the work they do is a central focus for successful academic leaders.

This COACHE summary report is designed to provide faculty with an “at-a-glance” understanding of the views of faculty with respect to faculty at comparison institutions and across the sector. This report was designed with the goal of providing UNC Charlotte with top-level analysis and some indicators of where to dig deeper.

This particular report, prepared by ADVANCE FADO, is an overall summary of the COACHE data. The UNC Charlotte Office of Academic Affairs looks closely at the results of the survey and uses the data to determine in which areas the institution is doing a good job in meeting faculty needs and to inform strategies to address areas of opportunity for improvement.

ADVANCE FADO will use the COACHE data to prepare Diversity Score Cards for each College. These scorecards will be available to view on our website: https://advance.charlotte.edu/advance-fado-research/coache-faculty-climate-survey

Benchmarks Analysis

Most of the questions in the COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey are five-point Likert Scale items. COACHE Benchmarks are the unweighted arithmetic means of several items that fall within the same theme. Benchmarks allow the reader to understand how faculty feel about a particular issue without reading each individual item. In these views, the reader gets a general perspective on the results and guides them to the sections that warrant a deeper dive.

Benchmarks Dashboard

This data display offers a closer view of your faculty. Each benchmark represents the average of several survey items that share a common theme. Thus, the benchmark scores provide a general sense of how faculty feel about a particular aspect of their work/life. Click on the links below to access the results.

In some cases, in addition to results for all faculty, results from data that has been disaggregared for Gender/Race and Faculty Rank is shown.

This allows us to take a deeper dive into the data to determine if there are any differences in faculty perceived satisfaction across different faculty cohorts.

Some of the data is also shared in comparison to faculty perceptions of satisfaction from peer institutions.

How To Read Results For Charts Labeled UNC CHARLOTTE; SELECTED PEERS; COHORT

Data labeled UNC Charlotte is data for the particular sub-group of UNC Charlotte Faculty labeled on the chart, Selected Peers is data from Peer Institutions; Cohort data is from all institutions that participated in the 2021 survey.

Click on each item in the list to access the data.