COACHE Faculty Climate Survey

Every 3 years, UNC Charlotte conducts an external survey to assess faculty climate at the institution. The Collaboration on Academic Career in Higher Education at the Harvard School of Education Climate Survey (COACHE) is employed by the university to conduct the survey. In addition to evaluating faculty perceptions of climate at UNC Charlotte, the COACHE data also allows faculty to compare measures of faculty climate satisfaction at their institution with a number of peer institutions.

The most recent survey was administered in Spring 2021.

Analysis of results is currently underway.

COACHE does not use names or email addresses for any purposes other than this research.

UNC Charlotte full-time faculty members are highly encouraged to participate in the survey. The UNC Charlotte Office of Academic Affairs looks closely at the results of the survey and uses the data to determine in which areas the institution is doing a good job in meeting faculty needs and to inform strategies to address areas of concern.

As a direct result of faculty responses in previous COACHE surveys, UNC Charlotte has implemented a number of improvements to address faculty concerns including:

  • The creation of an Ombuds Office, which has been expanded to include the role of an associate faculty ombuds to address the needs of both full-time and part-time faculty members
  • Development of Advancing University Research Administration (AURA) to implement research administration process and system improvements
  • An increase in tuition support for graduate students
  • The creation of career progression opportunities for non-tenure track faculty
  • Benchmarking faculty salaries and commitment of institutional funds for faculty raises
  • Revising the faculty handbook to better recognize community-engaged scholarship and teaching
  • Establishment of faculty awards to recognize outstanding academic contributions
  • Improved clarity around the tenure and promotion processes

Direct questions about this survey to Yvette Huet at or 704-687-8696, or email COACHE at