Frequently Asked Questions about the SPIDUR Program

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How much time are scholars expected to commit to their research project?

Scholars are expected to work full-time for the entire nine weeks. They will spend approximately 3-4 hours each week away from the project in order to participate in professional development activities.

How will the scholars be selected?

The ADVANCE Faculty Affairs and Diversity Office’s Expanded CRS admissions committee will attempt to match the most qualified students with research projects that are of interest to them. Scholars that meet the minimum GPA requirements will be further evaluated with respect to grades in specific subjects that relate to the field of research, their other materials submitted, and letters of recommendation. To facilitate matching, students are asked to provide information regarding the types of research in which they are most interested. If a match is identified, the faculty member will be contacted to see if there is interest in the applicant.

What materials are required beyond the application form?

A copy of the applicant’s transcripts and two recommendation letters are required. At least one recommendation should be from a science teacher/professor.

How are scholars paid?

Scholars will need to supply banking information to the University to receive their pay by direct deposit. The scholars’ pay will be deposited into their accounts on the 15th of June, July, and August, 2015. The first payment will cover hours worked May 26-30.
The second payment will cover hours worked June 1-30, and the final payment will cover hours worked July 1-24. Pay includes the $4000 stipend plus the price of housing.

Will the scholars’ pay be taxed?

Yes. Scholars are temporary employees of the University who receive compensation for the hours they work, and must complete tax forms for the University.

How do scholars pay for housing?

While scholars are compensated for housing costs, each scholar must pay the Housing and Residence Life Office directly. The ADVANCE Office cannot handle the transaction because scholars are individual, temporary residents, who must individually agree to abide by the University’s rules and policies.

Can scholars be compensated for travel expenses?

No. Travel expenses are not included.

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?

ADVANCE Faculty Affairs and Diversity Office (

Applications are encouraged from students who wish to learn to conduct research in a modern academic research laboratory under the guidance of experienced scientists and engineers and experiment in real classroom environments.