ADVANCE Focuses on Outcomes

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UNC Charlotte ADVANCE has focused its programming around the five primary goals of Recruitment; Retention and Advancement; Climate; Institutional Transformation and Dissemination. It has also established desired outcomes around these goals.

Goal 1: Recruitment: To increase the number of female faculty – including women of color – interviewed and hired in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines at all ranks.
Desired Outcomes:

  • Increased female, and women of color, applicants to STEM faculty positions
  • Increased campus awareness about equitable recruiting practices

Goal 2: Retention and Advancement: To increase the number of female faculty, including women of color, retained and promoted in STEM disciplines at all ranks.
Desired Outcomes:

  • Increased female, and women of color, faculty retained in STEM
  • Increased understanding of promotion and tenure requirements by female, and women of color, faculty in STEM
  • Increased promotions for female faculty in STEM
  • Increased support for research, teaching and service
  • Increase the number of women from associate to full professor and in university leadership positions

Goal 3: Climate: To improve and ensure gender equity in views on salary, workload, resources, and recognition at the university.
Desired Outcomes:

  • Increased salary equity of women faculty in STEM
  • Increased perception of equitable climate
  • Increased perception of work/life balance

Goal 4: Institutional Transformation: To catalyze organizational change that will intentionally attract, retain, support and advance women in STEM disciplines.
Desired Outcomes:

  • Sustain ADVANCE efficacy
  • Institutionalize ADVANCE partnerships and initiatives

Goal 5: Dissemination: To communicate resources, findings and best practices of gender equity recruiting, retention, and climate initiatives, particularly among STEM disciplines.
Desired Outcomes:

  • Increased national awareness of effective gender equity practices
  • Serve as a model of best practices
  • Promote an effective implementation and evaluation methodology
  • Provide career development and support resources to women in STEM disciplines

Evaluation Model

UNC Charlotte ADVANCE continues to evaluate its efforts and the resulting impact of its initiatives. The evaluation team has established a model for monitoring progress around its goals and desired outcomes.