We are cognizant that the continuing pandemic has led to a number of questions regarding searches for this year.  The challenges posed by the pandemic relative to recruitment has required that we revisit how we implement our commitment to treating all applicants consistently and equitably.  In light of these dynamics, we are providing the following guidance, which may be subject to change as the circumstances of the pandemic change:

(1)   Determine, in your department, how to structure the search in order to be sufficiently competitive and inclusive of prospective candidates and those on campus involved in the search.  For example, does the department want the final candidates to do their interviews in-person or would they prefer to have them on Zoom?  If the preference is in-person interviews for finalists, please refer to the guidance for in-person interviews below that you will need to consider (and which guidance is not all-inclusive).

(2)    If a department has decided all interviews will be conducted via Zoom, departmental leadership should ensure all the interviews have the same basic structure (i.e.all candidates meet with the dean, chair, committee; make a presentation; meet with faculty; etc).

If the department prefers that finalists interview in-person, and if the position is still open or has not yet been posted, please add or ask (ADVANCE FADO or River Peebles) for the following to be added to the special instructions to applicants on the posting (and to the ad if that has not yet been sent out):

"The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is currently operating in-person at full capacity, so selected finalists should expect to travel to campus for an in-person interview and to follow University safety and social-distancing guidelines while on campus (go to:  Charlotte’s policies related to COVID-19 are informed by the recommendations of experts from the Centers for Disease Control, the American College Health Association, OSHA, and local and state public health officials."


(3)   If the department does not provide the special instructions to applicants because they choose not to or because the posting has closed, please make sure that candidates have the opportunity to indicate if an in-person interview is not possible.  Please send an email such as the following:

Dear XXXX,

We are happy that you are interested in the position and excited you will continue the process. This email confirms that we would like to plan your final interview.  Please indicate if you are available for a virtual or in-person interview or both.  Also, please indicate (if the interview is conducted virtually) if you will be available for a campus tour if you are the final candidate.   

Please send this information to

Important Details:

Work expectations Fall 2022:

All UNC Charlotte employees are expected to participate in on-campus operations following hiring.  


(4)    In the event that any finalist expresses a preference for conducting the final interview via Zoom, when the department has opted for in-person finalist interviews, please reach out to HR/ADVANCE FADO, so that the offices, in collaboration with Legal, can review, on a case-by-case basis, whether the request triggers an obligation to offer all the final interviews in Zoom


(5)   Additional Points to Consider:


a.  Remember that we want the process to be positive as we are interviewing the candidates but they too are interviewing us.  Please make sure that meetings are established in a way that facilitates good attendance within your department. 


b.  Please consider allowing candidates an opportunity to share their comfort with dining arrangements made for their visit, if they will participate in an in-person finalist interview. (i.e. do they wish to eat inside/outside, or would they prefer to dine alone.")


c.  Please make sure that when scheduling all interviews, virtual or in person, you provide candidates with the opportunity to meet with individuals or groups beyond those you have scheduled (benefits, ADVANCE FADO, affinity groups, potential collaborators, Urban Research and Community Engagement, etc.).

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and it is important for recruitment purposes to be flexible, as long as our manner of structuring the search process does not violate our legal obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable regulations.   Thus, as questions arise, please reach out to the groups involved in faculty recruitment training through emails to